Books by Timothy Ferris

The Science of Liberty: Democracy, Reason, and the Laws of Nature Buy

"Sweeping and provocative" - Foreign Affairs

"Thoughtful and thoroughly entertaining" - The Wall Street Journal

"The Science of Liberty is a profound delight....important, timely and splendidly written.... The serious central message of this volume [is] Ferris's deeply humane conviction that science is the most powerfully liberating force in history and the single most dependable agent of social progress." - Washington Post

"Ferris is an engaging narrator with clear insights into the workings of science and democratic societies. This is an important and extremely readable book." - San Francisco Chronicle

"Lucid and enjoyable read." - New Scientist

"The Science of Liberty... is both an easy read and unfashionably optimistic... It would be sad if the clarity of style were to cause anyone to underrate the book [which] is both a history of liberalism and an exposition of it." - Financial Times

"Depicts the scientific method as an antidote to ideologically blinkered thinking." - Santa Cruz Sentinel

"Ferris is beyond ideology.... The narrative he one of discovery and illumination, which is the very spirit of scientific endeavor." - News Blaze

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