Books by Timothy Ferris

The Whole Shebang Buy

"The most lucid and entertaining guide to the universe that I have read." - J. G. Ballard, The Sunday Times of London

"This is the place to get up to speed with the universe." - A. C. Grayling, Financial Times

"An ideal guidebook if you want to take a quantum leap into one of today's hottest sciences." - Frederic Golden, San Francisco Examiner

"A grand success." - Joseph Silk, The Times of London

"A heroic synthesis of cosmic knowledge today." - Jim Holt, The Wall Street Journal

"I do not think there is a better popular treatment of some of the topics that Ferris covers." - Steven Weinberg, The New York Review of Books

"One of the 100 books that shaped a century of science." - American Scientist

"A must-read book." - Ben Bova, The Hartford Courant

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