"The best science writer of his generation." -- Joel Achenbach, The Washington Post

"Perhaps the best popular science writer in the English language today." -- Frederick Pratter, The Christian Science Monitor

"A master expositor." -- William Sheehan, Astronomy magazine

"One of the very top 'explainers' around -- in my opinion better even than those titans of the past, Eddington and Jeans." -- Hugh Downs, ABC News

"None can compare with Timothy Ferris." -- Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post

"Ferris is one of the finest reporters in the world." -- Scott Smith, The Business Journal

"Ferris's good, clean, poetic prose has raised him to the ranks of our nation's top science writers." -- Martin Gardner, Washington Post

"Doing the seeming impossible is run-of-the-mill for Timothy Ferris.... He is one of few writers who can really convey the awe and majesty of a clear night sky on the written page." -- Chris Boyce, The Glasgow Herald

"No other writer dealing with the cosmos -- micro and macro -- animates the reader so consistently page after page, concept after concept, book after book, with such felicity, style, wit, poetic sensibility, substance to marvel at, and, even more rare in such a combination, a kind of nobility." -- Norman Corwin

"We need more writers like him." -- Buzz Aldrin

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